Quin Galavis

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My Life In Steel And Concrete

by Quin Galavis

I recorded this record with Ian Rundell at Second Hand Tacos in 2015. This record was a life altering experience for me; not only in production but in world perception. Graham Low took over production on this one, turning my songs into a beautiful and engaging record. It had a wide release on Super Secret Records and is available on most music streaming and download sites as well as from the label directly.



Graham Low-Bass/Cello/Guitar/Producer

Ian Rundell-Guitar/Drums/Producer/Engineer

Thor Harris-Drums/Vibraphone/Melodica

Garrett Hadden-Bass/Guitar

Brandon Crowe-Drums

Jenny Arthur-Drums

Ben Pickett-Guitar/Banjo

Nick Cappazzuto-Drums/Engineer

Clara Brill-Violin

Joel Duhon-Drums

Mitch Fraizer-Guitar

Matt Hammer-Drums

Rose Ogle-Vocals

Sabrina Ellis-Vocals

Ben Cissner-Piano/Organ