Quin Galavis


Welcome to my site

The First Cut Is The Deepest

To me, true artistic expression has to be self aware. It must have the ability to criticize and encourage, as well as laugh, mock and loathe the fact it exists. With this intelligence, it allows itself to be interpreted any way it and the observer see fit. The goal of my art is for it to exist free of time, shaping and growing with the observer. 

A Story?

There is a story, a very long story. The Characters all exist here and there. Some are obvious, others might take some interpretation of facts presented

Music scene melody pop art..

Music is the corner stone of every scene.  Sometimes a song is just a song, sometimes its that last piece of the puzzle to fill out your most treasured scene. 

My name is Quin, an artist who plays music...I am a main character