Quin Galavis


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God Begins In Dirt

by Quin Galavis

I recorded this record at Sweatbox Studios with Mike Vasquez. It was intended to be released on vinyl in early 2013, but due to personal Issues and financial reasons the record was shelved. I am extremely proud of this record and it showed Graham Low, Matt Hammer, Shelley McKann and Myself at our very tightest as well as all the guest. This record is unmastered. Released September 13, 2012
It is dedicated to Louis Galavis and Esme Barrera

Quin Galavis- Vocals/Guitar
Graham Low- Cello/Bass
Shelley McKann- Electric Piano/Piano/Glockenspiel/Vocals
Matt Hammer- Drums

Thor Harris-Vibraphone
Mark Tonucci- Baritone Sax
Garrett Hadden- Electric Guitar
Max Vandever- Electric Guitar
Mike Vasquez- Trumpet
Eva Aldridge- Viola

Engineered, Mixed and Produced by Mike Vasquez